Headlights – Some Racing, Some Stopping

I-57, from Champaign to Chicago, seems to be a hot bed for alternative music lovers these days. Headlights, a 3-6 piece band, depending on the day, was born and bred in Champaign along the I-57 strip. The newest release from the group, “Some Racing, Some Stopping” (2/19/2008), features a super smooth sound that fans of Rilo Kiley andSaturday Looks Good To Me will come to love. The heart and soul of midwest alternative music is heard on this album thanks to the help of members of fellow Champaignians(?) Shipwreck and members of Wisconsin product Decibully.

Highlights Include, “Market Girl”, “Skeleton Man”, “Get Your Head Around It”, and check out Erin Fein’s smooth vocals on “Cherry Tulips”.

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Upcoming Tour Dates:

4/18/08 Urbana, IL
5/03/08: Milwaukee, WI
5/16/08: Evanston, IL
5/22/08: Chicago, IL
5/23/08: Pontiac, MI

Music video for “Cherry Tulips“:


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