Born Ruffians – Red, Yellow & Blue

It’s about time we talk about the best band north of the border. On “Red, Yellow, & Blue” (3/03/2008) Toronto product, Born Ruffians have released the most original alt-pop album of the year. Their innovative sounds stem from deep bass lines, machine gun drum beats, and all the “oh’s and ah’s” a music lover can stomach. The inherent ability to fuse lo-fi rockabilly with 60’s pop rock seems to be a sound that this trio has nailed down, and thank God for that. Keep an eye out on the tour schedule, rumor is these guys put on a hell of a show.

Highlights Include, “I Need A Life”, “In A Mirror”, “Red, Yellow, & Blue”, and perhaps the greatest song ever written, “Hummingbird”.

Reviewed Reviews:


Treble Magazine


Helpful Links:

Home Page


Upcoming Tour Dates:

4/14/08: London, ON
4/17/08: Hamilton, ON
4/18/08: Ottawa, ON
4/19/08: Kingston, ON
4/24/08: Montreal, ON

Music video for “Hummingbird“:


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