The Dodo’s – Visiter

Born of the same acoustic backed lo-fi pop as Ruby Suns and Adem, San Francisco based duo, The Dodo’s, latest release “Visiter” (3/18/08) uses smokey voices backed by a rockin 6-string and a focus on deep pounding drums rather than splashy cymbals, to create an original hardcore sound. The best way to describe the sophomore effort “Beware of Maniacs” is to imagine Death From Above 1979 loving their parents and writing an album with an acoustic guitar rather than a overly distorted bass. The duo seems to hone their skills, and although not much musically has changed in their latest release, it seems to be a good thing.

Highlights Include, “Jodi“, “Walking”, “Paint the Rust”, and the mind numbingly catchy, “Fools”.

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Upcoming Tour Dates:

5/02/08: Los Angeles, CA
5/14/08: San Francisco, CA
5/19/08: San Francisco, CA
6/24/08: Portland, OR
6/25/08: Seattle WA

Music Video for “Fools“:


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